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Free Day and Night Astronomy Presentations

From national parks, state parks and private parks to RV rallies, RV conventions, high schools, middle schools, and private locations, we share our love of the stars with as many as possible as we travel across North America.

Latest Adventures

Stay up to date with our stargazing travels by vising our blog. From a behind the scenes look at the National Parks we’ve visited to star information and more.

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Returning HOME: Theodore Roosevelt National Park

We set out to spend our retirement sharing the night skies with others while seeing the varied geologic features across the western states.  Every decision we have made from 2016 forward has been geared to accomplish this goal. One of the first places to give us an opportunity to volunteer our services was Theodore Roosevelt National …

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Adding Images to our Astronomy Catalog

We have just about captured all of the Messier objects with our Hyperstar imaging setup.  We decided to keep the images in a Facebook album called: Dark Sky Images. We hope you enjoy the newest images.  Feel free to use the album for education and/or enjoyment.


Grand Canyon, Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, and Glacier

We did not think the Grand Canyon was going to open during our visit to the area, so we took a 45-minute helicopter tour from the South Rim to the North Rim and back. It was truly spectacular. Here is a a video clip of the moment we actually passed over the South Rim: It …

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