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Free Day and Night Astronomy Presentations

From national parks, state parks and private parks to RV rallies, RV conventions, high schools, middle schools, and private locations, we share our love of the stars with as many as possible as we travel across North America.

Latest Adventures

Stay up to date with our star gazing travels by vising our blog. From a behind the scenes look at the National Parks we’ve visited to star information and more.

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Homestead National Monument of America

We are honored to be volunteers in the park at Homestead National Monument of America this summer during the month of May. We would like to thank Superintendent Mark Engler and Park Ranger Charlotte McDaniel for the opportunity to assist them with their astronomy presentations. What is it all about? [The Homestead Act of 1862 …

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How and Where to Enjoy Dark Sky Camping

We had a chance to collaborate with Dan and Lisa Brown from Always On Liberty. We look forward to crossing paths with them for years to come at dark sky locations across North America. After checking out the guest post, be sure and subscribe to their bog!


Visiting Lunt Solar Systems in Tucson

Last fall, we purchased a Lunt 152THa solar telescope. This 152 mm (6″) f/6 hydrogen-alpha (h-alpha) telescope has supplied us with fabulous views of our nearest star, the Sun. It’s an impressive scope, and by removing the h-alpha pressure tuners, it is one that we can use for both day and night viewing. We noticed …

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