Quarantine Time Turns Us Inward

Quarantine Time Turns Us Inward

This year, our plan was to leave Tucson and see the national parks from Arizona through Utah and into Montana. We planned to boondock all summer long outside of the different parks. Like everyone else, however, the quarantine has changed our plans. We thought it best to hunker down at the Tucson Lazydays KOA Resort. We decided not to move until we saw communities along our route were officially relaxing the stay-at-home decrees.

During this time, we have poured our energies into Electronically Assisted Astronomy (EAA) presentations. We have already been heading this direction, so it has been an enjoyable journey. The idea is to center our presentations on a constellation show with musical activities, aimed specifically at different cultural star lore stories. As the presentation moves through the different constellations and music, we would occasionally show live displays of the different Deep Space Objects (DSOs) located in the constellations, using our EAA setups:

We have also expanded our daytime EAA setup. This will allow us to get incredible images of the Sun within minutes:

Adding Musical Activities Turns Us Inward:

An incredible side benefit is that our daily meditation time sets the correct mood and attitude for the day. We also get to enjoy the creation of music together. We will be adding Native American flutes and steel tongue drums to our presentations to hopefully create a very unique experience for people.

In fact, we have enjoyed this so much that we decided to add an Australian Aboriginal instrument to our star lore presentations. We are awaiting the delivery of our first didgeridoo:

We chose this particular instrument because it has a slide. The slide allows us to change the pitch in order to play with other instruments.

Are we bummed out about not being able to give performances right now? Actually, we are excited to take the time to improve our presentations. Meeting the challenges of keeping space between folks and not coming up to an telescope eyepiece means we need to get creative and think outside of the box.

Plus, selecting these instruments and finding a way to bring them into what we do has brought us closer together and opened up a whole new creative avenue.

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