Mike Wendland of RV Lifestyle Interviews GeoAstroRV

Mike Wendland of RV Lifestyle Interviews GeoAstroRV

Jeff and Deb Spencer of Rolling Recess talked with Mike Wendland about their experience with us at last years Xscaper’s Annual Bash in Lake Havasu, Arizona. Mike contacted us and requested a chance to interview us for his podcast program.

Mike Wendland is a journalist who describes himself as retired. However, one look at his RV Lifestyle website and you would never believe he is retired.  He explains that he might be producing more content now because it is simply a labor of love where he gets to choose the stories.

Mike and his wife, Jennifer, own a home in Michigan.  However, they spend a good chunk of their time RVing in their 2019 Leisure Travel Vans Unity FX (a Class C Mercedes Sprinter).

If you are thinking of downsizing or getting into RVing at this particular size, you are going to find a treasure trove of resources in their podcasts, videos, articles and books about everything from equipment to boondocking and places to travel.

Here is the 249th RV LIfestyle podcast: (https://rvlifestyle.com/podcast-ep-249-chasing-the-stars-in-an-rv/)


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