Garvey is home

Garvey is home

Garvey is back!

We picked up Garvey last weekend and brought her home to Timberlane RV Park in Bradenton. Not all warranty work has been finished, however, so we will need to take it back to North Trail RV for a few minor fixes. We decided that since North Trail was unable to give a specific date when the remaining parts would be shipped from Thor, we would deal with those fixes closer to when we will leave Florida.

Garvey is back in her normal spot.

I called the owners of our rented travel trailer (TT) and arranged for them to pick it up. John and I drove to Fort Myers and picked up Garvey. We rented another spot at our RV park for one night and put Garvey there. We transferred all our stuff from the TT into Garvey, and while John cleaned and flushed the gray and black tanks and refilled the propane tanks on the TT, I was able to clean the trailer so it was ready for the next renter.

I would highly recommend the service through RVShare. For our needs, it was perfect. For those people who might what to try a specific camper, trailer, fifth wheel or coach before buying, or for those people who just want to get away for a weekend, RVShare would be a great place to start. They have 24/7 roadside assistance, and all correspondence, including payment, is handled through them. You must purchase insurance through them, not through your personal insurance company, and the rate is based on the value of the RV you are renting. Once the owners verified there was no damage to the TT, our downpayment was immediately returned to our credit card, and we received an email from RVShare notifying us of the credit. From start to finish, the process was easy.

This experience has shown us that we certainly could live in a smaller space, provided it has the right floor plan. We have learned the layout of an RV, much like the layout of a traditional home, is so very important. Because of the smaller size, the layout may be the single most important factor for comfort, though the quality of an RV is certainly a huge consideration, too. This is why there are so many layouts from RV manufacturers. What John and I like or want in a floor plan may be completely different for others.

We love the layout of our Thor Aria 3401!

For example, the size of the dinette in the TT could barely fit two people sitting across from each other. It made eating dinner an interesting juggle of where to put our plates and cups. The 92″ dinette is Garvey is spacious and has definitely spoiled us! The other area where the trailer lacked, was in bedroom storage for clothes. We made it work for our short-term needs, but the shape of the closets preclude any substantial, easy access to that storage area.

This is the “closet”. It needs shelves for better use of the space.

The only other issue was that when either of us walked around the rig, you could feel the whole thing shake. If one of us got up in the middle of the night, we’d wake the other person with the moving of the trailer. I’m sure there are ways in which we could stabilize the trailer to minimize movement, but since we were renting for such a short time, we just dealt with it.

The trailer did have some clever storage in the main living area, though. There is a cute pullout for pet food and water.

Nom-nom area for pets.
This was a great cubby hole area right by the door. Plus we could hang our coats and keys there.
This small area under the TV was a perfect place to put Missy’s leash and treats.

I really liked the ambiance of the LED lights on the chairs. The seats were heated, too, which was another nice feature.

Mood lighting! And big windows!

It is nice to back in our own home, though. The layout of Garvey is perfect for our needs at this time. Frankie agrees.

Frankie is happy to be home.

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