GeoAstroRV gets the attention of vloggers / Updated itinerary until April.

GeoAstroRV gets the attention of vloggers / Updated itinerary until April.

Here are some of the videos that others have produced along the way about our adventure:




To do list:

  • leave notices with employers of end date
  • purchase rig
  • get rig to Wisconsin
  • sell nearly everything
  • move into rig and spend a month in rig before leaving (if still alive)
  • join RV Escapees Club and mailing service
  • meet up with Eddie Glonek of Mobile Homestead Solar Services in Wyoming
  • install: composting toilet, solar system, cellular booster, wifi booster, CBs, etc.
  • Get solar trailer from California
  • make Texas our state of domicile
  • purchase equipment for astronomy presentations in Arizona
  • get to Florida for the Recreational Vehicle Service Academy

These are the things we wanted to accomplish before we set out on our journey across North America.  Today we pulled into Timberlane RV Park and Resort in Bradenton, Florida.  John has three months of school to become a certified RV technician.  Brenda will learn: how to fly a drone, edit videos, and produce good content.  There is actually a lot to learn with that!  In fact, we decided to focus more on the astronomy presentations rather than YouTube-ing.  Either way, we agreed that most of the content would commence after March.  We will both get to know our new astronomy equipment before then.

We have met wonderful people along the way and learned a lot about RV life.  Our original goal of moving slowly across North America while giving astronomy presentations is still in place.  However, some opportunities are opening up to partner with different groups as we do this.  We have had a schedule up to arriving in Florida.  What happens after March is still very open.


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