Learning to slow down and enjoy those you meet along the way.

Learning to slow down and enjoy those you meet along the way.

We are getting ready to head to Wyoming on Monday.  I am looking forward to meeting the Glonek family.  Eddie Glonek of Mobile Homestead Solar Services and I have been planning this for quite some time.  Eddie will primarily be putting a solar system on our rig.  However, there is so much more that we are having done to the rig.  More importantly, I am looking forward to learning how to boondock.  Eddie has pointed out that it is a different way of life.  It is a lifestyle at a different speed.  There actually is a community of people who: get together, enjoy each other’s company, and help each other out as they individually move across North America.

It will take three days for Brenda and me to get to Eddie’s ranch.  We’ll stay overnight at a Cabela’s and one other dry camping location further down the road.  We’ll spend three days with the Glonek family making sure Eddie has what he needs to start the different projects on the rig.  Then Brenda and I will leave the rig and our current trailer at the ranch.  We will take a four day trip (with our three pets) in the Ford F-150 to Atascadero, California.

We finally get to meet Travis Semmes of Mobile Solar.  We will spend an entire day getting to know the system in our solar trailer.  The next day we will leave and make the trip back to Wyoming.

It is hard to believe we have been living in GarveY (Geology Astronomy RV journeY) for a month already.  We’ve learned a lot in that month.  Most of it came from talking with other full-time RVers.  I’ve enjoyed just listening to all the different people tell us their story.  There are so many kind and helpful folks out there.  They have a wealth of information from all their experiences, which they are willing to share with us.

We have a lot to do in order to get ready to leave on Monday.  However, we were invited to grill out with a couple who saw our information on RVillage.  It turns out we have some common interests.  RVillage has been a great way to met others.  I am learning how to slow down and enjoy those we meet along the way.

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