About Us

About Us

Hello! We are John and Brenda Nejedlo.

John & Brenda Nejedlo

We both grew up in Northeast Wisconsin. Brenda graduated from Northwestern University with a Masters in Music History and Literature. She then worked for the Green Bay Symphony Orchestra before taking a job at Club Scrap, Inc. where she worked for 15 years. Brenda operated a piano and vocal studio and was a judge for Wisconsin Solo & Ensemble festivals. John graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee before becoming a police officer. John also graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and taught middle and high school science.

We have been married since 1994 and enjoy birding, geology, and astronomy. Brenda also likes to knit, crochet and quilt. While not having children, we do have a dog, Missy, and cat, Charlie.

During Thanksgiving break of 2016 we decided to hit the road and become full-time RVers. However, we added a twist in how we would travel.

This is how we travel down the road.

We wanted to primarily see the geology of the national parks while seeking dark sky astronomy locations across North America. We came up with the idea of following in the footsteps of John Dobson by sharing astronomy presentations for free along our journey.

In order to fulfill this dream, we bought a 2017 Thor Aria 3401, added solar to the roof, and replaced the RV toilet with a composting toilet. This allowed us to repurpose the black tank into a second gray tank. The result was the ability to boondock for much longer periods of time.

We can haul water to our rig in a tank. Our tool drawers help organize things.

We also bought a 2017 Ford F-250 and added a 65-gallon water tank in order to haul water to the rig. John attended a ten-week school at the Recreational Vehicle Service Academy (RVSA) in Bradenton, Florida to become a certified RV technician. We added a truck bed drawer system, which allows us to easily store our tools.

Our customized “Mobile Solar MS-325” trailer holds all of our astronomy gear.

After doing research, we found a solution to how we would carry all of our astronomy equipment. We had Mobile Solar build us a custom MS-325 solar trailer. The trailer has 3.7 kilowatts of solar and a 3,000 pound forklift battery to power everything. We added an air conditioner and a second Air Head composting toilet. Now we could truly be self-sufficient for extended periods of time and could host presentations anywhere.

This is how we normally setup for presentations. The gif is curtesy of
Jeri-Michael Harris from Four Kids Four Corners.

Daytime presentations consist of a ten-minute lesson, Our Magnetic Sun, created through NASA. These presentations are designed for up to twenty people at a time. After the lesson, people view two different aspects of the Sun through telescopes.

John shows people the photosphere with our Tele Vue NP101is and Baader Herschel Solar Prism. The gif is curtesy of Jeri-Michael Harris from Four Kids Four Corners.
Brenda shows people the chromosphere with our Lunt 152mm Double Stacked Hydrogen Alpha Solar Telescope. The gif is curtesy of Jeri-Michael Harris from Four Kids Four Corners.

We have found most adults want a tour of our solar trailer after the daytime presentations. We also allow them to view what additions we made to our RV in order to, “Get out there and stay out there”.

We are not affiliates of Battle Born Batteries, however we were so happy they sponsored our movie that we wanted to show them some love. We will show off our epic setup if asked.

We are retired and our presentations are free. We don’t sell anything nor are we affiliates of any company. We allowed Mobile Solar to put their information on our solar trailer because we have to try and explain it to people on a daily basis. It is easier to allow people to take pictures of the information.

We also installed a unique power system to our RV. At the center of that system are Battle Born Batteries. This company was one of the earliest sponsors of a movie we helped make. We wanted to thank them by showing off an EPIC install involving their batteries. We bought all the equipment ourselves. We enjoy showing people what this power system can do.

John & Brenda Nejedlo were part owners of Epic Nomad TV. This was us at the premiere of RV Nomads: The Movie.

In 2017 we became two of twelve partners in a company called Epic Nomad TV. We were simply investing partners. The other partners had the skills and talents needed to create RV Nomads: The Movie (follow the link to watch the movie).

Unfortunately, the company model was unsustainable. We always considered this an adventure and not an investment. Any start up company has a huge hill to overcome in the first year. We will always have the memories. Most importantly we will also have the friendships that came from this adventure.

Missy (a.k.a. Astrodog) is wondering if the skies will clear for night time presentations. These are two different telescopes we use at night.

Our goal has been to cultivate relationships with different national parks. Our first park was Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Here you see our dog, Missy, waiting for clouds to move past for a night time presentation.

Our Obsession 20″ f5 Dobsonian telescope is a crowd pleaser. The eyepiece is eight feet off the ground.
This is our Schmidt–Cassegrain telescope (SCT) used for imaging. It has a Hyperstar and camera in place of the secondary mirror.
Starizona’s Hyperstar gives us images like this in just minutes.
These images were taken in downtown Tucson! This allows us to give presentations in many different locations with the use of monitors.
We hope to see you boondocking out there across our great nation.

You can view many of the images we get in less than five minutes with our Hyperstar imaging system in our image gallery.

We have enjoyed giving free presentations for the following organizations: FMCA, Escapees, Xscapers, and Fulltime Families. While our first love has been presenting at national parks, we can also give presentations at state and private parks, schools, churches, and businesses. We really enjoy meeting other RVers along our route and sharing a dark sky location. Check out our itinerary. We hope to see you down the road!