Returning HOME: Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Returning HOME: Theodore Roosevelt National Park

We set out to spend our retirement sharing the night skies with others while seeing the varied geologic features across the western states.  Every decision we have made from 2016 forward has been geared to accomplish this goal.

One of the first places to give us an opportunity to volunteer our services was Theodore Roosevelt National Park (THRO).

We just heard back from our contact at THRO.  We are excited to announce that we have been invited back for our fourth summer as Volunteers In the Park (VIPs) assisting with their astronomy program.

Each year we return to Medora, North Dakota, finding ourselves more and more a part of a family and community.  Every year our love for being volunteers in this particular national park grows.

In our travels, we have met so many other people who enjoy volunteering in the national parks. Consider some of the many opportunities to be a volunteer in the national parks:

6 Replies to “Returning HOME: Theodore Roosevelt National Park”

  1. Hello John & Brenda,
    This is Tom & Ann Weymouth. We were camped behind you at Boomerville 2020. I’m so happy to see that you are returning to ND. I see that you will be in Spearfish in the middle of May. We will be in the general area and would love to visit and catch up. Tom & Ann, TheWeavingRVer

  2. I watched your interview where you described how you got started; it’s very inspiring.
    “The worse thing you could do with a telescope is to not share it with others”: I love that.

    1. Thank you. The past year has been tough with Covid. We really do enjoy our presentations and look forward to getting back to a bit of “normalcy”.

  3. John and Brenda,
    My family will be in the Medora area in early June. Are you having any events? We would love to see what you guys do!

    1. We will be the astronomy volunteers all summer at the park. From what we can tell, the CDC guidelines should allow us to do day and night presentations. We will have more information about how quickly presentations will begin once we meet with our contacts at the park next week.

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