Developing a Catalog of Astronomy Images

Developing a Catalog of Astronomy Images

8-inch Celestron SCT with Hyperstar, ZWO ASI294MC Pro and SharpCap software.

We just had a few amazing weeks at Death Valley National Park (February). We stayed at a boondocking spot just outside of the parks named “The Pads”. I believe this will become a yearly stop for us.

We added a ton of astronomy images. This setup is so easy to use and we get images in less than five minute! This setup will be added to our regular routine. The images are linked here at Dropbox:

GeoAstroRV Astronomy Images:

GeoAstroRV Astronomy Images

GeoAstroRV Telescopes:

GeoAstroRV Telescopes

Brenda is peering through our 20-inch Dobsonian Telescope. The eyepiece can be eight-feet off the ground.

GeoAstroRV Explained:

GeoAstroRV Explained

Here we are at one of our free astronomy presentations for RVillage. Thanks to Scott Helmann for this drone image and his many nights of help.

Starizona’s Hyperstar System

Starizona’s Hyperstar opened the world of astrophotography for immediate results during our public presentations. We call it Electronically Assisted Astronomy (EAA).

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