Refining what we do…

Refining what we do…

We have not written a post in quite some time. In fact, this will be our norm.  There are other blogs you can go to for travel information.  If you want to keep up with us on a regular basis you can see us on Facebook.  However, I think most people will be better served looking at our Itinerary page to see where we will be performing.

We have not changed much since we started. Here is how we travelled at the start and the next shot is how we travel now.

We really have honed our daytime presentations and nighttime presentations. If we have a portion of a parking lot it makes everything simple:

All of our equipment is stored in our solar trailer. If we plan on staying somewhere for an extended amount of time we can take advantage of our solar array being fully deployed. However, we usually do not need to do this.

We set up and take the equipment down after each night performance.

Our daytime presentations consist of an area to give a short lesson along with an area to show people the sun through our telescopes.

We have enjoyed our time in Theodore Roosevelt National Park. These photos were taken at the park.

However, we can also pack up and do our presentations just about anywhere. This was at a library in Dickinson, North Dakota.

This brings us to the reason for our “Refining what we do…” post. We thought we would really enjoy performing in many of the National Parks. In fact, we have found a home at Theodore Roosevelt National Park. However, beyond this particular park we are finding that it is not that easy to perform in other national parks.

There are a whole host of things to think about when performing “in” national parks: size of the location, do they close at night, do staff or law enforcement need to be present, do they have camping nearby, is it a dark site, does an astronomy program fit with the theme of the location, etc.

We love performing at Theodore Roosevelt National Park and find this location is a good fit. We also could never see ourselves performing at some of the larger parks where the size of the crowds would make it so much more difficult to interact with the audience.

We have truly refined how we travel and perform. We don’t want to travel more than 300 miles in a day. We prefer short hops around 200 miles. We also are going to start offering our presentations more often to businesses, private properties and schools that are along our travel route between boondocking locations. Give us a place to stay for four or five days and we will perform a percentage of the time we are there.

There are two large changes we have made and those changes both involve RVillage. First, we have decided to start an Escapees Birds Of a Feather (BOF) group called, ‘RVers with Telescopes’. We want this to be a pretty informal group that simply provides Escapees members who RV with telescopes a chance to meet up three or four times in the southwest during the winter.

Second, we have hooked up again with RVillage to help us manage performances for about fifteen to twenty different nights during the winter months in the southwest. We are hoping this will actually grow into something that involves a yearly route.

We will have more information later this month about how folks can use RVillage to come out and see a performance this winter in the southwest.

We want to stress that we actually have no true monetary affiliation with any business or group. We are simply a retired couple on a mission to share amateur astronomy with others. We use certain products or join certain groups because we truly use that product or enjoy meeting others through the groups.

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  1. I’m in the southwest Tucson area currently and hoping to hook up. There is a star party tonight (Dec 28) at Tucson Mountain Park with the TAAA group if the sky clears. Just wondering if you will be there.

    1. Hi, Bev. I’m sorry I didn’t see this sooner. I heard from a friend that the star party was canceled due to weather, so I’m glad we didn’t go! We are only here in Tucson for another day and then we are off to do some presentations for RVillage near Quartzite. Please keep in touch, as we will probably be back in the area in April.

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