Two Years On The Road

Two Years On The Road

We count July 3, 2017 as our Nomadiversay. That is the date we pulled out of a Wisconsin campground and hit the road. The month before that was spent learning how to live in our 35-foot diesel pusher while preparing for an estate sale and the selling of our home.

Over the last two years we have met retired full-time RVers, retired part-time RVers, working full-time RVers, and working part-time RVers. We stayed with off-gridders and 50-amp princesses. We have enjoyed time with Escapers, Xscapers, Battle Born Batteries, FMCA, Full-time RV Families, Epic Nomads, and a bunch of other people and organizations.

The chance to work with and spend time with folks from: RVers With Telescopes, Lunt Solar Systems, Starizona, and Tucson Amateur Astronomy Association (TAAA) helped confirm the fact that there are others out there who geek out about the same stuff we love. The opportunity to spend a few months giving free astronomy presentations in the national parks as Volunteers In the Parks (VIPs), has probably touched us the most and will be at the heart of what we do.

When not serving as VIPs, we are going to just enjoy the southwest for at least a few more winters and meet friends or enjoy alone-time at different dark-sky boondocking spots while we explore the West.

~ Namaste

This is our current setup and mode of travel.

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  1. Hello: Hope the rest of your summer went well. I moved to a new park, Niobrara National Scenic River. We as a community are working on an international dark sky nomination. I wondered if you would be interested in adding Niobrara to your stops next year.

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