Plans to present at FMCA South Central Area Rally in Oklahoma during September

Plans to present at FMCA South Central Area Rally in Oklahoma during September

Just a quick update to let everybody know that it appears we might be presenting at a Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) Rally!

South Central Area Rally (September 19 – 22, 2018)

Heart of Oklahoma Fairgrounds, Shawnee, Oklahoma

This is tentative right now.  However, the timing is perfect.  We would be just finishing up at Theodore Rosevelt National Park (TRNP) and headed to Nomadfest 2018.  We had a wonderful initial conversation with FMCA South Central President Joe Wright.  Oddly enough, we will be in his neighborhood next week and plan to talk more.  For this presentation we would be opening up our rig and solar trailer to show people all of the things we have done in order to off-grid.  We would also lineup the different telescopes for people to see what we would be using when we visit their FMCA chapter events.

The 20″ Obsession Classic f5 seems to always attract long lines.


I feel the need to thank a number of people who made this moment possible:  Scott & Jacqueline Carney, Eddie & Aileen Glonek, John & Laura Hebard, Eric Odom, Jenna Leigh Richardson, Marc & Julie Bennett, and FMCA Associate Editor John Johnston.

This list takes us from GeoAstroRV’s inception up to these particular tentative discussions. This is a direct line of people who have put logs on our fire or fanned the flames of our dream to present astronomy to as many people as possible while traveling North America during our retirement.


A picture of us parked out in Wyoming at a special spot.

4 Replies to “Plans to present at FMCA South Central Area Rally in Oklahoma during September”

  1. I just found your website. I couldn’t see where or when you are giving presentations. Today we are in Bushnell, FL.
    As a Land Surveyor I looked at the sun to determine the bearing of our lines. This was using a 30X scope. It would be great to see a more powerful view. Also I’m interested in star parties. We are full-timers. Until June we are exploring SE USA. I hope to meet you sometime.

    1. Merrill, most of our presentations are scheduled for later in the year. We are putting the plans in place now. When we leave our current location, we are headed west to have some more work done on our rig. Then we will spend some time getting to know our two newest telescopes. They both have lots of electronics, some of which are new to us. We, too, are interested in attending some star parties. We our paths can cross sometime.

  2. We’ve just decided to sign up for the rally – hoping you’re still planning on attending. I’m so excited about seeing you telescope setup. I have a small (6 inch) Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope that – we aren’t off grid so I don’t have enough opportunities to use it. Your setup is obviously fantastic!

    1. That’s great that you signed up! It is hard for us to use all the scopes, no matter where we are. We are currently in Texas, and every night has had storms, winds, clouds. We aren’t exactly sure the presentation at the rally, but I expect it will be part “this is what we did to our rig to make us be able to do what we do”, and some small group (8-10 people) solar/night viewing. We’d love to meet up with you!

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