While we are in Florida, we planned to take Garvey in for warranty fixes and updates. We dropped off the rig on Saturday, January 6th, at North Trail RV in Fort Myers. Our rep, John A., was ready for us and had printed out our itemized list of issues that needed to be fixed. We spent over an hour talking through each item on the list. We were pleased with the attention to detail from our rep, and he even found two minor things to fix which we missed! We left the dealership hopeful that Garvey will be back to us around January 22nd.

But, in the meantime, what were we going to live in? We contemplated doing a VRBO home, but that would have cost a small fortune. We could have stayed in a hotel, but, that would have been expensive, too, and tougher on the animals. So, instead, we rented a travel trailer through


Our new home for a couple of weeks! It fits perfectly on our site.


The new digs.

After searching for rigs that would fit our site (we do have that big solar trailer to consider!), we settled on a 32′ The Grand Design Imagine 2800BH Travel Trailer. The best part was that the owners would drop off and pick up the trailer when we were done. The day before the travel trailer (TT) was dropped off, I gathered anything I thought we’d need during our possible three-week stay in a different home. Come Saturday morning, we moved our solar trailer and Garvey to another site, and the trailer was delivered. The owner and his son helped us get everything set up in less than an hour. John and I moved the remainder of the items (food, clothes, animals) into the trailer and then left to take Garvey to Fort Myers.

Floorplan for the trailer.

The TT is certainly smaller than our rig so learning to live in this smaller space is a work in progress. I think the secret to feeling “spacious” in the TT is to keep everything picked up and tidy. No dishes in the sink or extra items on the counter. No socks on the floor. Even the kitties catnip toy laying around adds to the “mess”, but for the kitties sake, I’ll leave it out for them to drool over.


Missy will allow the catnip toy to stay on the floor.


A tidy kitchen. Charlie approves of the comfort of the bed.

The two things which are the hardest to work around with this TT is the complete lack of storage space for clothes and the small refrigerator. However, being the creative person I am, we can store our clothes and food prep items in the living room cabinet!

Missy is impressed with the use of storage in the living room. This is the only space where the Instant Pot would fit!


The refrigerator is small, but we still managed to fit everything in. Including bacon and Sriracha.

I do love the big windows in the TT better than the ones in Garvey. It is a real treat to have the windows open, letting in the warm Florida breezes.

Love the big windows! And the lounge chairs are extremely comfy!

I also like the sound system in the TT. I can listen to the local classical music station inside or outside. We have an outside cooking area, which we plan on trying.

There is a nice outside cooking area at the back of the trailer.

When we get Garvey back, we’ll do a follow-up post on our final thoughts about our rental. For now, it suits us just fine.

7 Replies to “Downsizing”

  1. The worst part will be buying only what you can consume or use up and not adding anything new. [Think 2 weeks on a 33′ sailboat or traveling with multiple changes of transportation.] Enjoy doing things, experiences, trips, and photos; now is the time to learn to paint or play the flute.

    1. Bee, my husband started a 10 week RV Technician School. By the end of his schooling, he will be a certified RV Technician. During this time, I plan on learning to fly the drone we have, work out the kinks on a couple of solar telescopes and to get better at video editing. I plan on taking more birding trips with Missy. I already know how to play the flute!

  2. hey cool, all set up for a bit. Missy is content hehe. just don’t get too used to an RV pottie, you’ll be back to composting soon. glad your weather there is warm. it’s been a bit cool here at night (30s). sending John good luck for school, and to you learning the done and film editing. gotta get to some of that myself, still have South Dakota footage and photos from September to do, eeee.

  3. Awesome. You have your bed, table, stove, refrigerator, oven, even TV and sound systems to the campsite. It’s like you’re in your house surrounded by the bliss of nature

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