Getting ready to leave Solar Hill

Getting ready to leave Solar Hill

We only have about two weeks left at Solar Hill.  Eddie Glonek is finishing up adding the Henry’s Tropi-Cool to our roof.  You might notice that the air conditioner vents are off.  Here is a shot of the roof from the ladder:

This was right after the first coating.  It took Eddie forever to tape everything off and then to carefully do the trim painting.  In the next picture you’ll see some of the small bugs that will forever be encased between coating number one and two.  Actually, Eddie got up on the roof and cleaned them off before the second coat.


Eddie has done some amazing work.  I look forward to showing off his work.  Next week we will shoot some videos showing how his work has allowed us to go off-grid.  For us off-grid might be a parking lot in a city that we are passing through or the middle of nowhere under dark skies.   The trailer holds all of our equipment and can be setup anywhere.  It does not need a gas generator to remain climate controlled.  It has a composting toilet.  It can even be used to power a friend’s rig who is visiting us at a dark-sky location.

Our next stop is a shop called Starizonia in Tucson, Arizona.  We will pick up our Celestron 11″ SCT with HyperStar and camera.  Actually, we might need to stop in Livingston, Texas first to setup domicile before heading to Starizonia.

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