If you take the time to look

If you take the time to look

Sunlight comes early to the Wyoming land, making 5:30 a.m. as bright as noon. This morning, John and I made coffee and sat outside, enjoying the brisk breeze. It has been hot since we arrived, and the coolness was a welcome respite from the warm daytime temperatures. I had my binoculars in hand, scanning the terrain around us when I spied a Pronghorn resting on the side of a nearby hill. It was awake, as I could see it chewing its cud through the scope. They are capable of running up to 55 mph for short distances, making them the second fastest land animal, behind the cheetah. Pronghorns are abundant here, but it gave me a thrill to see one. It stayed on the hill for over an hour, peacefully chewing.

Near the Pronghorn, on the top of another ridge was one of the many Spanish Mustangs that live at Cayuse Ranch. Cayuse Ranch is dedicated to the preservation of the Spanish Mustang horse, their culture and their way of life. The Brislawn family, who owns the ranch, was instrumental in founding the Spanish Mustang Registry in 1957. The horses roam freely on the ranch, and it is always a delight to see them as they wander the land.

Just a few hundred feet away from our site, are several Prairie dog burrows. Every morning they emerge, searching the nearby area for food.

Taking the time to look yielded a bounty of creatures right near our doorstep. It was a relaxing, yet exciting way to start our day.

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