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Future Schedule

In general, we would like to tour the national parks of North America from Nebraska westward for the next eight years. Each summer we will come back to Theodore Roosevelt National Park as a starting point. We can stay just about anywhere (campgrounds, parks, parking lots, fields, schools, businesses, churches, private residences, etc).

Specifically, we want to visit Dinosaur National Monument in mid-September to see if we can develop future performances there. We also have reached out to Craters of the Moon National Monument as well. We intend to winter in the Arizona area each year and hope to do more and more with the Tuscon Ametaur Astonomy Association (TAAA).

GeoAstroRV’s 2019/2020 itinerary:

July 1 – July 7:  Holiday week off

July 8 – September 8: Theodore Roosevelt National Park South Unit

Sept 15 – September 30: Dinosaur National Monument. We will enjoy our first visit to the park and see if there would be a chance of future performances. These dates are approximate.

October 1 – October 15: Dallas, Texas. We need to stop at National Indoor RV Center for our routine RV maintenance, along with visits to the doctors, dentists, optriticans, and veterinarian.

October 15 – October 31: Livingston, Texas. We need to serve jury duty and get everything SmartWeighed at Escapees.

November: We are going to visit Big Bend National Park for the first time. These dates are approximate.

December – April: Tuscon, Arizona. I am going to list our winter area as Tucson. However, we will be boondocking all over the southwest. We would like to do more with the Tucson Ameteur Astronomy Association this winter.

May – June: We want to visit Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve for the first time and see if there would be a chance of future performances. We also want to boondock near Yellowstone National Park, and Grand Tetons National Park.

July – Mid September: Theodore Roosevelt National Park South Unit.