This is our route of travel from March through mid-September.

Following in the footsteps of John Dobson, it is our dream to give free day and night astronomy presentations within the national parks/monuments/historical sites. GeoAstroRV is currently reaching out to the following locations this summer.


This gif is curtesy of Jeri-Michael Harris from Four Kids Four Corners.


GeoAstroRV’s tentative 2019 summer itinerary:

February & March:  We are getting trained to image with our Hyperstar system at Starizona.  We became members of the Tucson Amateur Astronomy Association and we have made contact with Rangers at Tumacácori National Historic Site about adding their location to our annual route of travel.

April 1 – April 28:  It is that time of year to take care of rig maintenance while visiting: doctors, dentists, optometrists, and veterinarians (Texas & Oklahoma).

April 29 – May 29Homestead National Monument, (Nebraska – 4 weeks)

June 3 – June 30:  (tentative plans) Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site (North Dakota – 4 weeks)

July 1 – July 7:  Holiday week off

July 8 – September 8: Theodore Roosevelt National Park (North Dakota – 9 weeks)