Pre-Order RV Nomads: The Movie

Pre-Order RV Nomads: The Movie

We’ve had a TON of requests about DVDs and when they will be available to order online. Of course, members of the platform know the movie will stream in full on the app beginning November 15th, 2018. The stream will be 100% free provided you have an account and are logged in while streaming the film. Sign up here:

There will be DVDs of the movie available for purchase. In fact, you can pre-order your copy right now via the official movie website:

There are multiple benefits to pre-ordering your DVD:

First, ALL pre-orders enjoy the early bird sale price of $15.00 vs the $19.00 retail price when the film is released on November 15th. Second, ALL pre-ordered DVDs will be signed by multiple cast members and either the Director or Executive Producer.

Additionally, and while we can’t promise it just yet, we’re going to try and ship the DVDs a couple days early. Meaning there is a chance you’ll get your pre-ordered copy BEFORE the public release!

There are currently two packages available to pre-order online. Just the DVD itself or the RV Nomads Fan Pack. The Pack includes a signed DVD, a signed movie poster and a Nomad tee.

This special early bird pre-sale price is only valid until November 14th, 2018.

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