GeoAstroRV Tentative Itinerary (April – October)

GeoAstroRV Tentative Itinerary (April – October)

We are starting to get requests from people asking where we are going to be throughout the year.  Everything is very tentative right now only because we just started talks with a few RV organizations.  We hope to meet up with these organizations every year.  We also have just begun talks with representatives from the national parks.  Our hope is to work with one particular national park this year for an extended period of time.  We want to build a long term relationship with the national parks that is in the spirit of John Dobson.  Our hope is that certain national parks will become a series of regular stops with other parks and monuments changing out each year.

Our tentative itinerary makes it look like we are staying at or in the national parks.  We probably will be boon-docking outside of many of those parks.  I hope this helps give others an idea of where we will be traveling this summer.



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