April Update

April Update

We are currently enjoying a vacation week in Fort Meyers, Florida while our rig (Garvey: Geology Astronomy RV Journey) gets some warranty work done at North Trail RV.  The vacation is also a celebration.  After ten weeks of school, John graduated from the Recreational Vehicle Service Academy (RVSA.net).  He is now a certified RV technician.  The goal is to be able to fix many of the small problems that happen with any RV.  John feels much more confident about the daily needs of Garvey.  Brenda has enjoyed working on a quilt for our good friend’s daughter.  Both of us have enjoyed a week of short birding hikes and reading for enjoyment.

The night after John graduated we had a chance to attend a star party at Crowley’s Nature Center in Sarasota, Florida.  We decided to use our 20″ Obsession Classic f5 for this presentation.  Why that telescope?  Sean McDonald just finished tricking out the Big Dob for us.  We were very happy with the work Sean did and plan on creating a short video showing his handy work.  There is a steep learning curve for us with the new electronics.  In fact, Brenda and John both plan on some time boondocking out West while we get to know this telescope and our newest one as well.

Missy enjoys laying in the shade which the Big Dob provides.


So, where are we headed?  Well, in the short run we have to stop in Livingston, Texas to see our doctors.  Then we are off to an undisclosed location near St. John’s, Arizona.  Our friends, Kim and Jesse, own land there.  Eddie, Aileen, and Laura are staying there as well.  We were invited to spend some time there while Eddie does some work on Garvey.  I should correct that last statement.  Eddie is going to help me do some work on Garvey.  As we left them last in Wyoming, Eddie pointed out that our relationship has changed from acquaintances with a business transaction to friends in an RV community.  Quite frankly, our little off-grid community is more like extended family. It will be nice to catch up with them.

Here is what our tentative route looks like.  We use rvtripwizard.com. We like to travel under 300 miles a day.  It appears that we are staying at Walmart locations.  However, it is easiest for me to select a Walmart store (that allows overnight parking) every 300 miles.  Many of those nights we simply boondock where ever it feels right, depending on where we have stopped for sight seeing.


Now for the exciting news!  One of John’s dreams was to follow in the footsteps of amateur visual astronomer John Dobson and the Sidewalk Astronomers who presented within the national parks.  We have been in contact with Park Ranger Amy McCann who is the District Interpreter for the South Unit at Theodore Rosevelt National Park (TRNP) in North Dakota.  We are very excited to have been invited to TRNP.  After initial talks with Ranger McCann, we can confirm  GeoAstroRV will be at TRNP from July through mid September!  We hope to “hit it out of the park” at this national park.  The goal is to cultivate a long-term relationship where we stop at TRNP regularly.  We also plan to use this time as a chance to beef up our resume in order to hopefullty add other national parks to our regular route.

Our decision to commit to TRNP in the latter part of the summer instead of the early park of the summer was for a few reasons.  First, July and August is part of the peak season (minus June) at TRNP.  Secondly, TRNP has a star party in early September.  Third, it is stinking cold in the mornings and evenings at the beginning of the summer out there!  🙂

Brenda and John will spend some time drifting out West at the beginning of the summer while we learn the electronics of our newest telescopes.  We will post our boondocking locations for those who wish to come experience the night sky.


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