Tilapia “outside the RV”. The perfect change up.

Tilapia “outside the RV”. The perfect change up.

We love to cook outside the RV as much as possible.  First, because I hate a smelly RV.  Secondly, because cooking on a grill or smoker is my manly responsibility.  Years ago, we did potatoes, onions and butter in one tin foil packet and another packet of salmon, onions and butter on the grill (Hosanna in the highest).  I love my smoker for every type of meat that you can think of.  However, every once and awhile I need a Door County fish boil or something similar.  This is the easiest meal to satisfy my weekly need for fish.

Brenda picks up the cheapest individually wrapped tilapia fillets (family pack).  We place the unthawed fillets in a pan with a cut up onion and full stick of butter.  It would be a sin to season this with just salt and pepper.  We use “SLAP YA MAMA”!


After that we place everything on the grill.  I actually don’t cover the pan until I feel the butter has fully melted and the onions have started to feel the direct heat. Then I put tinfoil over the top of the pan.  We have a food probe in the thickest portion of the pile of fillets and pull it out once it has reached 168 degrees.

Man can not live on beef alone…

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    1. It was! The seasoning is really good. It has the perfect amount of spice to it, without being overpowering. I heard about it on a FB Keto group and found it at Walmart. Plus it has a great name!

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