Here is the scoop or the hot poop on cleaning our composting toilet.

Here is the scoop or the hot poop on cleaning our composting toilet.

I asked my wife to make a little coffee table book to leave in our rig’s bathroom for people to look at if they have never used a composting toilet.  People get a little nervous when they hear we have a composting toilet.  I have friends who will walk a 1/4 mile to find a different toilet because they are not familiar with composting toilets.

Using the composting toilet is natural.  There are only a few differences from using a regular toilet.  Guys are not allowed to stand.  However, if you just sit naturally the rest will take care of itself.  Aim the liquids towards the front and let gravity take care of the solids.  The system is designed to make sure the liquids go forward if you are sitting.  Guys should aim if necessary.

This is a picture of our AirHead composting toilet.  The liquid tank at the front can be taken off without having to open the rest of the toilet.  We actually keep two liquid tanks per toilet.  The backup is keep under the sink to the right of the toilet.  There is even a little round window that will show a “shadow” if the tank is ready to be emptied.  All you have to do is loosen the two screws on the bottom rear section of the liquid tank and pull the bottom metal handle outward while holding onto the top handle strap.  There is a screw-on cover sitting next to the toilet paper roll to the left.  Place the used liquid container in the shower area and I will dump it later.  We also wash it out with a little water and bleach before putting it back under the sink.

We have a small fan built into the system and air is always being pulled out of the toilet and carried out of the rig.  You are not going to “stink up the place”.


We try to keep the toilet clean by using a spray bottle of vinegar.  You can use this afterwards if you would like.  It is fine if the vinegar runs into the liquid tank.  However, we want to try and keep the vinegar out of the solids bucket.  We also have Clorox Disinfecting Wipes.  Finally, if people are really worried we can give them a coffee filter to place in the bowl over the hole.


This is what it looks like when you look down the shoot of the bowl.  It is designed for the liquids to flow forwards towards the two holes.  You are looking into a shoot of a clean toilet that has not been cranked yet.  The yellow colored seed-like items are a microbe mix that I add to each new batch.



We change the liquid tank daily.  It takes about three to five weeks before we need to change the solids bucket.  We have two toilets (rig/solar trailer).  If we use them evenly we can go a longer time period.  To empty the solids bucket we simply unloosen the four screws and twist the toilet counterclockwise.


I wanted to save everybody from looking at a toilet that is ready to be emptied.  This toilet has only cocoa coir in it.  It is nearly ready to be used.  Cocoa coir does not smell like poop or sewage.  It has a pleasant earthy smell to it.


The first thing I do when I am getting ready to change our our composting toilet(s) is grab two cocoa coir bricks and take them into the kitchen.


Then I pour myself a nice shot of coffee flavored moonshine.  Seriously!  This stuff is great.  We got it in Deadwood.  I love it.


Then I boil two liters of water and poor it into this fancy little tea pot that helps me direct the water evenly over each brick that I place in separate plastic bins.



I will pour the hot water over the bricks and then scrape off the wetted cocoa coir and keep doing this until the bricks are gone.

I found that I need just over a brick for each toilet.  When you are finished you will have a consistency that is basically like wet sawdust.


After this, I take the solids bucket outside and flip it over into a garbage bag.  If all went well for the last month then it is an easy flip with no clean up.  If it was an interesting session then we might have a slightly wetter mix that is closer to the consistency cookie dough, but even then it does not smell.  I will clean the edges near the top.  However, I do not want to clean too much because I want the microbes to keep working.  You could think of it as yeast.


I fill the solids bucket to the midpoint of of the turning bar.  By the way… You only need to turn the crank about three times after each use.


I will add some more of the microbe mix.  Hell… I honestly don’t know if the microbe mix really does anything.  I would simply like to believe it does at this point.  I’ll keep working on this bit of knowledge/misconception.


We are now ready to go.


We are good to go for another three to five weeks (depending on usage).

Don’t be afraid to use a composting toilet.  If you know a friend has one (and you plan on spending a day at their place) ask how they want you to use it.  It might sound weird, but you want to know how to use the toilet before the time comes to use it!

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  1. “Then I pour myself a nice shot of coffee flavored moonshine”. Somehow I knew alcohol would be a step in the process, as it is in most processes!

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