So… When are you going to make videos?

So… When are you going to make videos?


Last night, Brenda and I walked up a hilltop near Garvey (Geology and Astronomy RV Journey) to watch the sunset at the Cayuse Ranch.  It was fitting for Brenda.  She just returned from the last event as an official employee of Club Scrap.  Brenda was with Club Scrap for fourteen or fifteen years.  These are some of her closest friends.  She will continue to work some events with them in the future.  However, it was a moment of change for her.


As we walked up the hill, Brenda pointed out this was the first real day of our new journey in which she did not feel that there was something important for work needing to be addressed before the end of the day.

Our time on Solar Hill at the Cayuse Ranch with Eddie, Aileen and Laura has really allowed us to slowly switch gears.  We (Eddie) still have a lot of little projects to complete in order to make the most out of boondocking or off-grid RVing.  Eddie has been patiently guiding us along the way.  However, it seems we are now at a turning point.  Most of the large project for solar, water, composting and communication are completed.  We can now turn our attention to the astronomy equipment.

Tomorrow we plan on moving most of our property out of a Featherlite trailer and into different bins that will go into the bays underneath Garvey or in the solar trailer.  This will allow me (while projects are completed in the solar trailer) to move the astronomy equipment back into the Featherlite trailer for assembly of the Obsession 20 inch f5 Classic.  I really could not assemble this behemoth until I had a safe and clean place to work.

I had hoped to have a specific mount delivered for our TeleVue NP101is.  However, construction has been delayed.  We still had a chance to get the NP101is out the other night and enjoy a brief look around the sky.  We also picked up a very nice solar viewing telescope with a tracking mount.  I look forward to spending more time with this scope during the day.

We made two big astronomy purchases to help with presentations.  The first is the purchase of an EAA outreach kit through MallinCam.  EAA stands for electronically assisted astronomy.  This allows us to put a video camera on our telescopes.  We can then display the views on a large monitor. This kit has a MallinCam HD-10 video camera, which will allow us great views of the: sun, moon, planets and brighter DSOs (deep space objects) on the large monitor.

The second large purchase has a few parts.  There is an 11″ Celestron EdgeHD Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope with a HyperStar (allowing a camera to gain wide-field images), and an Atik 428EX camera.  This camera is better for taking longer exposures that are needed for viewing DSOs with more color.   The human eye can not pick up most of the color of these diffuse objects.  Even short exposures of only thirty seconds from light-polluted parking lots can capture amazing views of DSOs.

The bottom line is that we have a lot of learning to do with the new astronomy equipment.  This will require separate trips to Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona in October.  We will keep familiarizing ourselves with the equipment into November as we head to Livinston, Texas to setup “domicile” through the Escapees RV Club.  We already have our mailing address through Texas and our mail is forwarded to where ever we are located.

In December, we will enjoy a cruise with friends.  After that we will work our way to the Sarasota/Palmetto area of Florida (Gulf side below Tampa Bay).  I will attend a ten-week school to become an RV technician.  Brenda will work on learning how to fly the drone and produce videos.

After this we will begin our actual move towards the West Coast.

So, for those of you asking for geology and astronomy videos, it will be a bit.  However, we will be helping Eddie Glonek in producing some nice videos showing the work he is doing on Garvey 🙂

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