Moving in and setting up… a little each day

Moving in and setting up… a little each day

This is our sixth day in the RV “full-time”.  Until now, we only stayed overnight a few times.  Those days were simply visits while bringing our belongings to the RV (Garvey). Brenda wanted to make sure we had a month of actually living in Garvey before leaving for Wyoming on July 3rd.

What about your house?

We came to terms with someone to buy our stick & brick residence of the last eight years.  We were very fortunate to find someone with a timeline acceptable to ours.

What about all your stuff?

We decided to have an estate sale through BubblePuppy Sales.  Brenda used their services after her mother passed away.  We were pleased with both the process and outcome.

What about pictures and documents?

Brenda has a wonderful friend who let us use a large scanner for our pictures.  We selected close friends to be our Power of Attorney and Executor of our Wills. They have agreed to let us store two boxes of tax information at their homes.

Can you fit everything into the RV?

We could if we bought a forty-two foot long rig!  However, we wanted to keep ours under 35 feet in order to get into as many National & State Parks as possible.  We are keeping our astronomy gear and other items in a Mobile Solar MS-325 Solar Trailer which will be pulled by our Ford F-150.  This will allow us to move the trailer to a different location for astronomy presentations if we are at a park.  However, we will spend most of the time boondocking and the solar trailer will have an extra composting toilet and more water allowing us longer stays.

Will solar provide all your needs?

No.  We will have solar on our rig along with the solar trailer.  The solar trailer is designed to keep the telescopes and equipment in a climate controlled environment.  We plan on traveling with seventy degree weather.  The air conditioning unit is only needed in a small segment of the trailer for the extremes.  Having solar panels for our rig will be nice but it will fall far short of the energy available at RV parks.  If required, we have a generator to round out our boon-docking needs.

How are you going to cook your meals?

Garvey has an induction cooktop along with a convection oven/microwave.  Brenda loves her Instant Pot and has made some delicious meals with it.  We can store extra propane and cook outside on a camping stove which is important for our boondocking energy needs.  I have learned how to use a skillet to make hamburgers and steak that are just as good as using a grill.  I love my cast iron skillet.



We want to do as much cooking outside so we decided to go with a Grub Hub Camping Kitchen.  I looked at a number of other options for storing our cooking gear.  However, this covered our needs better than any of the others.  In three minutes, it collapses down to a wheeled suitcase with a handle. It holds nearly everything we need for our camp cooking.  What I really enjoy is that, paired with chairs, a cooler, and a propane tank, it fits easily in our covered truck bed, ready to go whenever we want.



The sixth day in Garvey (Geology Astronomy RV journeY) is turning out to be a laid back day.  We are simply trying to figure out were different items are going to go.


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  1. Sounds like an adventure. Keep us on your post list. Miss you across the street.

    Kerry and Paul

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    1. Well…we are having some more Amazon packages delivered this week to the house. Could you get them off our porch, then come out to the rig and deliver them to us???? We’ll make dinner for you! John makes a mean steak!!!!!! 🙂

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