Left turn at Albuquerque…

Left turn at Albuquerque…

In previous posts I made sure to use phrases like, “this is what our first year would look like” and “it could go like this”.  We are in the very tentative stages of planning the route.  It is all very general and broad right now.

The plan still is to follow the 70-degree weather north and south as we slowly work our way across North America from coast-to-coast in a methodical pattern to cover as much geology and deep sky sites as possible.

The plan still has us starting in Wyoming with Eddie of: Mobile Homestead Solar Services at the beginning of July.  Brenda still has an obligation in Northeast Wisconsin with Club Scrap the first week of August.  After that we have some choices.

The thought had been to make a run up to Winnipeg and then head slowly south to Texas and Mexico.  This would be the first run towards the West and we would probably have at least three and a half years of westward movement before arriving at the coast.  During the first leg of our westward journey, we were not really hitting any of the big sites because we wanted to learn how to: boondock; get used to the rig; use the drone; along with editing and uploading videos on geology and astronomy.


Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 11.06.42 PM

I will save the specifics of our MINOR malfunction for another day.  Suffice it to say that Brenda looked at me by the end of this experience and asked me what time I thought it was.  My reply was, “9:00pm.”  She told me it was 4:00pm!  We were exhausted mentally, physically, and even emotionally.  The shocker was that we actually worked together and did not kill each other.  Some of you understand this as an accomplishment for the two of us!

It really boiled down to being new at this and not understanding the systems in our RV enough to address minor problems.  Every little malfunction is difficult because we simply don’t have the experience.  We were sharing our ordeal with other full-time RVers.  One very nice gentleman pointed out that before he started full-time he took a ten week hands-on course to become an actual RV technician.  This was the second individual that we ran across who took this particular course.

Brenda and I looked at each other and made the decision right then-and-there that we wanted to do this.  So… we took a left turn at Albuquerque.   Now we plan to head to Palmetto, Florida in January.

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 10.41.45 PM

The course is through the Recreational Vehicle Service Academy.  I would actually become a certified RV technician.    There are other options out there.  However, Brenda did not seem too bummed out about spending our first winter south of Tampa Bay where she could concentrate on learning how to fly a drone, edit videos (at the beaches), and go birding.

In all seriousness, this would give us peace of mind and actually open some doors for us regarding future plans.

Here is a list of the different topics covered in the course work.



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