A quick update on our MS-325 Solar Trailer

A quick update on our MS-325 Solar Trailer

Travis Semmes from Mobile Solar Services snapped a few pictures of our MS-325 solar trailer as it is being built.
Our trailer is black in color to match the rest of our vehicles.  The trailer will be a little longer than the base model (in the other pictures).  If you look at the base model you will see that the solar array can be split into an upper and a lower section with six modules each.  Both sections are three modules long by two modules wide (12 modules total in the array).
You can secure the six lower modules to the side of the trailer when traveling.  You can lock the upper and lower sections together after picking the angle of the upper array (seasonal adjustment based on latitude).  However, the array is pretty hefty to adjust for even two people.  You have to remember that these trailers are designed for larger off-grid homes, remote research sites and agricultural applications.
If you look at the upper half of the array, on our trailer, you will see that there is space between the left, center and right pairs of modules.  Travis is making this MS-325 trailer longer in order to have the bracketing for the array split into three sections.  Therefore, we do not have to lift or adjust all of the lower modules at once.

 Why do you need a solar trailer?

We will be transporting expensive astronomy equipment.  We plan on avoiding the extreme temperatures by following the 70-degree weather (moving north or south with the weather).  However, I want to have an air conditioner with heat pumps added to the trailer as well.  This setup allows us to park and secure the trailer anywhere we want for our presentations and not have to worry about external power or loud generators.  We are adding an Air Head composting toilet as well.

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