The journey begins

The journey begins

Drum roll please…..!!!

After much deliberation, we have chosen a name for our blog… It combines Geology, Astronomy and RV life into one title. I think John did a great job with it! We started out with GARVEY (Geology and Astronomy RVjournEY), which morphed to GARVEYlife, then OurGARVEYlife. Much discussion ensued, and we decided on It embodies what we hope to capture as we head out to see our great continent.

Missy was a little upset that it wasn’t Missy’, but we promised her that we would feature her prominently in all future blog posts. That seemed to appease her. The cats have not made their wishes known. We shall see.

We aren’t sure where this journey will lead us, but we hope you’ll follow us every step of the way.




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